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Roof Shingles: Icing on the Cake

Roof Shingles

When replacing your roof, shingles are a necessary consideration. Whether you just want a certain color, a type of material, or have special needs for your home, there are options available to fit your needs. Durability is the number one thing to consider when browsing the many shingle styles available to you. At Seawright Roofing & Solar, we offer many different types of shingles to fit all different needs and all of them have stood the test of time, wind and rain.

The Best Shingles for Your Roof

Seawright Roofing & Solar are preferred contractors with Owens Corning, a nationally recognized roofing company trusted for their durability and variety of options. Since we work closely with them, we can often offer an extended, non-prorated 50yr warranty on many of their shingle options. You can trust the shingles we recommend to be of the highest quality, well installed and the best value for your money. The very best shingles will not only make your home beautiful, but will make the roof last longer and can even help lower heating and cooling costs year round. Below we will tell you our top three picks for shingles on your roof. These are all great options and come standard with StreakGuard™ Algae Resistance Protection, wind resistance performance certifications, and ENERGY STAR® Rated protection to help keep your home comfortable and your energy bills low. Owens Corning shingles are created with a mix of mineral, copper and ceramic elements; this unique combination is what makes these shingles such a great value.

Supreme 3-Tab Shingles (Good Quality)

For homeowners on a budget, Owens Corning’s Supreme line of shingles provides quality protection at a fraction of the price. These are your basic, durable shingles, but don’t let the low price make you underestimate them. They are still weather and algae resistant as well as available in many different colors. Use these to protect your home affordably without sacrificing quality.

Oakridge Architectural Shingles (Better)

Oakridge shingles take the roofing game up a notch. These laminate shingles provide a more secure base, making them more weatherproof and your roof last longer. It also allows for more unique coloring, styles and patterns. Stretch your budget a little bit and in return you receive a longer lasting roof and an increased value on your home.

Duration Architectural Shingles (Best)

Duration Shingles are the best Owens Corning has to offer. Give your home a roof that looks great, protects your family and lasts, which could put off the need to replace your roof again for years longer than other brands. Duration Architectural Shingles come in four different styles. Regular TruDefinition Duration and Designer shingles come in beautiful shades to please any design palette. Beautiful and strong, these shingles feature patented SureNail® Technology, capable of withstanding 130mph winds. Storm Impact-Resistant shingles use patented WeatherGuard® Technology. Their specialized composition qualifies them to meet one of the industry’s highest ratings for impact resistance, UL 2218, Class 4. They also come equipped with SureNail® Technology, for nail strips that won’t be ripped out. Premium Cool shingles let you think green by helping keep your home energy-conscious. These shingles are made with granules that reflect solar energy. This helps keep your home cool in summer, meaning less air conditioning, as well as insulated in winter.

You can browse Owens Corning’s shingles online by visiting their roofing shingles page or contact Seawright Roofing & Solar to schedule a visit to our showroom and see the shingles in person.

Owens Corning and Seawright Roofing & Solar stand behind their products 100%. Find a roof that fits your budget and fulfills your needs. Let Seawright Roofing & Solar help you find the perfect shingles to top off your home. Call us at 1-844-277-5574 or visit us online to get a quote from one of our experts.

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