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Agent referrals for a roof claim

April 15, 2017
Determining whether or not to file a roof claim can be a difficult decision for a homeowner. As a roofer in Columbia, SC, we work with many different insurance agents and their clients to help make that decision. Often times heavy rains, high winds, and hail storms will cause roof issues and it takes a trained eye to determine the severity of those damages.

When we receive a referral from an insurance agent, we make sure to collect as much information from the insured to assess the situation. Are there leaks? When did these damages occur? how old is your roof? This information gives our inspector a better idea of what to look for on the roof

On the roof we assess multiple issues that play a factor in the claims process. Is the damage evident throughout all facets of the roof? is the roof installed properly and maintained? What type of immediate actions need to take place (roof tarp, caulk job) to help the client or homeowner. For insight into our hail inspection process, read below.

Finally, we give our honest assessment to the homeowner. We are not policy experts so those questions are often best suited for the agents, however, we can provide valuable insight into the condition of the roof and the claims process. Our team of experienced installers and inspectors gives the homeowner a one-stop shop for a roofing contractor and a storm damage inspector. During spring storms team is busy due to the higher intensity of storms in the region.

If one of your insureds or clients is debating whether or not to file a claim, have them call us first for a free assessment. Currently, we are seeing a lot of activity the Batesburg-Leesville area as well as Lexington. We are local to the midlands but can travel from Orangeburg to Newberry.

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