Work Requests in Columbia

Seawright Roofing is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Columbia. Learn more about Seawright Roofing's recent work requests in Columbia and nearby areas!

Learn more about Seawright Roofing's recent work requests in Columbia, SC
Vicinity of Holly Ridge Ln in Columbia
I had hail and wind damage to my roof. I need to get it looked at and get an estimate for repairs.
Vicinity of Abbey Walk Lane in Columbia
Need estimate for 2 feet of ridge cap replacement.
Vicinity of RIDGE POINT RD in Columbia
Roof is about 7 years old, but there are several pieces of trim running along the roof's edge that are showing signs of possible rot. Also have a few spots of early rot on the front porch that needs an expert. Also wouldn't mind getting an estimate for placing gutters around the house. I am available at any time.
Vicinity of Gadsden Street in Columbia
Roof replacement
Vicinity of Sterling Hills in Columbia
Have wood rotting above garage door, porch area and a section on the back of the house. Also flashing on roof listed a bit. I would like an estimate on the repairs needed. Thanks
Vicinity of Wheat St in Columbia
We are in the process of purchasing a new home and anticipate having to replace the roof in the near future. Home is approximately 1200sq ft. Potentially refinishing the attic and adding dormers, so roof would need to be replaced anyway. Again, just in the beginning phases of looking but would like a quote to get an idea of what we're looking at. Thank you!
Vicinity of EAST BUCHANAN DRIVE in Columbia
1. 2 roof areas which have or had leaks - Insurance help. 2. Attic ventilation - highest ceilings mold prevention. 3. Gutter sections damaged - replacement and link to leaks? 4. Interior damage due to leaks - recommendations? 5. Financial challenge - owner disabled, divorced - income limited - still interested?
Vicinity of in Columbia
Vicinity of Cokedale Rd in Columbia
4br type of roof unknown 2707 sgf. 3 story
Vicinity of Rabon Springs RD in Columbia
Roof leaking in bedroom
Vicinity of Stark St. in Columbia
Shingles need to be replaced. Structure is rotten in specific areas outside of house, wood work will be required. In need of a quick quote or assessment.
Vicinity of in Columbia
Need a new roof
Vicinity of Planters Drive in Columbia
Leaking roof
Vicinity of Westminster Drive in Columbia
We need to replace our 15-year-old roof and would like an estimate. Fridays work best for me.
Vicinity of William Duffie Road in Columbia
A tree fell on our side porch, and after we remove the tree there is damage to the roof. Thanks
Vicinity of Peyton Road in Columbia
Flashing around the bathroom vent needs to be repaired.
Vicinity of Great North Road in Columbia
Would like a quote on my roof
Vicinity of Woodvalley Drive in Columbia
Rotten wood around upstairs dormers. Water leakage
Vicinity of Wheat ST in Columbia
Leak in roof
Vicinity of Lakeside Ave in Columbia
Roofing estimate single family home, one level
Vicinity of Whittaker Drive in Columbia
Water spots on the ceiling and indications of moisture elsewhere in the house.