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Got Hail Damage?

Hail damage is a popular subject among roofing professionals. Questions about the impact of hail damage to the integrity of the shingle and the extent of the damages are often debated in the field and within the industry. Below is some insight into our position as a company.

Seawright Solutions looks for consistent evidence that there was a hail event, and that the hail did in fact diminish the lifespan of the shingle. Signs of dings and dents to soft metals are one indication. A pattern of bruised shingles is another indication.

When inspecting the shingles, our trained professionals will determine if the marks were mechanical(made by man), manufacturing defects(preexisting condition), or if they were hail related. A hail damaged shingle will appear dark from the freshly exposed matting. The shingle will also be soft from broken fiberglass during impact. Smashed granules are an indication of tool related damages, but granules that have been pushed into the mat are consistent with hail stone impacts.

If the pattern of bruises is consistent with hail damage, one of our trained professionals will take pictures of supporting evidence to the homeowner to show the findings. Our expertise is in roofing construction and restoration tactics. Policy questions are best directed to your insurance agent, however we are happy to share experiences from previous customers.

Many of our industry guidelines come from forensic engineers such as Haag Engineering.

It is our goal to assist in every way we can in the insurance recovery process, all the way through to the building of your home. Remember that after a large hail storm there is often a frenzy of contractors looking for work. It is best to be patient during the selection process of contractors to make sure you end up working with a professional you feel comfortable with a and has all the necessary credentials.

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