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After finding wind and hail damage to this customers house, we worked with their insurance company to have roof replaced in Irmo, SC. 
Kirk L. of Irmo, SC
Friday, January 15th
"If you need a roof or even think you need a roof call Wright Brennan at Seawright Roofing"
Bill D. of Columbia, SC
Thursday, August 13th
After a tree fell on the customers roof, it was time to replace the shingles. We found the best roofing package for the homeowner and the homeowner was 100% satisfied after we replaced the shingles in Columbia, SC
Shirlie S. of Columbia, SC
Friday, January 15th
We inspected this roof for storm damage in Chapin SC. We found hail and wind damage and filed a claim with the homeowners insurance company. We replaced the roof with high performance shingles. 
Ben S. of Chapin, SC
Friday, January 15th
"Wright really did everything that anybody could ask for. I got an upgrade to my shingles, a product with a 50 year transferable waranty. I know who did my roof and if I have a problem with it I know he'll be there to take care of it."
Trip T. of West Columbia, SC
Thursday, August 13th
"In about two weeks time a call to Seawright Roofing established a claim, a plan to replace the roof and the install within a month's time. It was absolutely amazing- one of the best experiences that we've ever had as homeowners."
Tony C. of West Columbia, SC
Tuesday, July 21st
Seawright Roofing replaced this roof in West Columbia sc. We filed a insurance claim with the homeowners insurance company after we found hail damage to the shingles. 
zach H. of west columbia, SC
Friday, January 15th
"Wright video taped the damage on my roof, showed me what was wrong, met with the insurance adjuster, and the next thing I know I had a new roof. They did beautiful work and I am extremely pleased"
Patti S. of Lexington, SC
Thursday, August 13th
"It's a system- having the right components not just the shingles and right underlayment, but more importantly the right contractor, because a lot of contractors aren't certified."
Colin W. of Lexington, SC
Tuesday, July 21st
"Getting a new roof is a little bit of a scary experience, especially when you don't know the steps from beginniing to end, so working with Wright was awesome. He worked it out step by step, let us know who we needed to talk to and what was next. The process was super quick and I recommend it to anyone!"
Allison J. of LEXINGTON, SC
Thursday, August 13th
"The things we really thought were impressive, the crew, they way they did their work and the way Wright [Brennan] represented us to the insurance company."   
Bo S. of Lexington, SC
Tuesday, July 21st
After we inspected Arlan roof, we found hail damage. We worked to get his roof approved and replaced the shingles in Lexington, SC
Arlan B. of Lexington, SC
Friday, January 15th
During a remodel of this customers house, it came to their attention they needed a roof. We met the customer on sight and explained the different roofing packages they can choose from. the customer was thrilled with the final package. 
Marilyn G. of Gaston, SC
Friday, January 15th
Everyone there should be considered exceptional It takes a good team working together to be successful and they definitely know how to do that. 
Patricia S. of Blythewood, SC
Wednesday, March 21st
Testimonial Photo by Candice M.
Job well done! Very efficient and great customer service!
Candice M. of Blythewood, SC
Thursday, July 23rd
I was most satisfied with the communication because they always kept me updated on the process
Eric E. of Irmo, SC
Friday, February 23rd
These guys were prompt and honest. We felt comfortable with all of the staff, they were extremely respectful. Questions were answered knowledgeably and work was performed quickly and properly. I would recommend them wholeheartedly. These guys know what they are doing and take pride in their work!
Christy M. of Irmo, SC
Thursday, September 1st
Professional in every phase of the project. Communication was excellent. Left our yard clean and Frank followed up the very next day to ensure the quality of the work was to ours and his satisfaction. Did exactly what they said they would do with a good attitude! I highly recommend Seawright Solutions!!
Allen W. of Columbia, SC
Thursday, July 7th
My experience with Seawright Solutions exceeded my expectations. I love my new roof. Other companies handled a lot of roof repairs in my neighborhood, but the ones that Seawright handled are by far the best looking, highest quality ones. Very professional and efficient leadership. 
Jennifer j. of Columbia, SC
Wednesday, January 25th
They arrived timely, and were considerate and professional in their installation.
Lynn S. of Columbia, SC
Monday, February 26th
Everyone at Seawright Solutions was very professional
Chris B. of Columbia, SC
Wednesday, April 12th
Wright provided exceptional service. I appreciated Wright's perosnal touch. 
Charles D. of Columbia, SC
Saturday, April 1st
I would like to recognize James Brennon for exceptional service. I was most satisfied with the professionalism.
Michael M. of Columbia, SC
Thursday, August 9th
Seawright replaced my roof. THe job everyone did was outstanding from Wright Down to jessica and all the crew. My questions were answered and hey were always prompt. I would recommend this roofing company to everyone.
Diane G. of Columbia, SC
Tuesday, February 27th
The communication with his office staff were excellent. I would recommend them to the people in my neighborhood. Everyone involved was very good. 
Henry K. of Columbia, SC
Saturday, June 10th
I would like to recognize the entire crew and the saleswoman who retrieved our permits for their exceptional service. I was most satisfied with a job well done.
David P. of Columbia, SC
Thursday, August 9th
Easy to talk with, did not try to oversell the job and I felt very comfortable with Wright, Frank, and Sam. Glad I hired them. 
James S. of Irmo, SC
Wednesday, May 25th
Fast and efficient, ad high quality work!
Easton F. of Columbia, SC
Tuesday, February 16th
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